Our approach to safeguarding

Children and young people (under 18)

As a fishing club we wholeheartedly support young people in angling.  Our membership is, however, only open to adults (over 18) and as a club we do not engage in any coaching or other activities where children or young people would be present.  Members are allowed to take their children or young people fishing to the river as part of their membership and they are solely responsible for their welfare whilst at the river.  Our policy for safeguarding children and young people is available on this website.

Safeguarding vulnerable adults

As a club we do not have or engage in any activities where vulnerable adults may be present.  We acknowledge that we may have members who are vulnerable and as such the club is here to help. 

Risk Assessments

Fishing on the river is by nature, a solitary pursuit.  Slips, trips and falls where water is involved are inherently dangerous.  General advise as well as a specific risk assessment for the river are available on this website.

Let someone know where you are and what time you aim to return, take care and treat the river with respect, especially if it is carrying any flood or extra water.