Data Policy

Blythe Angling and Conservation Society (BAACS) needs to gather and use certain information about its members.  BAACS undertakes to gather and retain only information that is needed for the efficient running of the club and for members to be identified when fishing club water.

Data will include full name, address, telephone contact numbers, email address and details of vehicles to be driven onto Packington Estate (VRM and make).  The club also requests a digital passport type photograph which will be entered onto a club identity card. 

BAACS will not gather or hold any other person data such as date of birth, gender or marital status.

The club will use the data for the purposes of communication such as newsletters and other club circulation.  Members can fish club water on private property subject to lease and so need to be identifiable as club members to both Packington Estate employees and other club members for the prevention of poaching or unauthorised fishing.

BAACS undertakes not to use the data for any other purposes other than for the efficient running and administration of the club.

Where a member leaves the club by resignation that person’s data will be deleted from club records.  Where some members are in arrears with subscriptions, the club will hold that member’s data for one month following the subscription renewal date to allow for any error on the member’s part, after that the members data will be deleted.

Where email communication is to the whole club this will be in the form of ‘BCC’ so that members’ email addresses are not unnecessarily disclosed.

Data will be held in secure cloud-based servers (e.g. ‘Dropbox’) which are subject to sufficient identity management procedures (i.e. password protected). Paper records will not be held.  Access to club data files will be restricted to the secretary and treasurer.  The secretary will hold the additional office of ‘Data Controller’ for the club.

The secretary will undertake to check with the membership once a year (prior to the issue of new club identity cards) that all information held by the club is accurate.

BAACS will be the only data processor for any data held by the club and will not hand-over or disclose any club data to any third-party individuals.

Version 1 16 February 2018

Reviewed Nov23