Constitution and Rules


  1. Name

The name of the Club shall be the “Blythe Angling and Conservation Society” and hereafter referred to as the “Club.”

  1. Objectives

The objectives of the Club shall be threefold.

  • The provision, development and cultivation of Fly Fishing and Coarse Fishing as sporting activities.
  • The conservation and development of leased water and its immediate surrounding environment, with appropriate consent from the Landowner.
  • The preservation and development of indigenous brown trout, coarse fish and the management of stocked fish.
  1. Membership

Membership of the Club is open to all and is sunbect to a minimum age of 18yrs, shall have a maximum of 50 members comprising the following categories:

 Full Member, Complimentary Member and Honorary Life Member.

New membership may be considered by the Committee by either being proposed by a member or by interview by a member(s) of the Committee, along with a completed Membership Application Form and payment of the appropriate subscription. The decision of the Committee shall be final.

All members excluding Complimentary Members have full voting rights.

3.1. Honorary and Complimentary Membership

Honorary Life Members and Complimentary Members may be appointed at the discretion of the Committee. Honorary Life Members will have full voting rights.

3.2. Membership Subscriptions

The Treasurer, having gained approval of the Committee, will make a recommendation relating to the subscriptions in his/her report at the AGM. All membership renewals should be made by the end of January, by payment of the appropriate subscription to the Treasurer. The membership year shall run from 1st February until the last day of January the following year.  Members who fail to renew their membership within one month of the due date shall be deemed to have resigned their membership.

 3.3. Resignation of Membership

A member may resign from the Club by notification of such intention to the Secretary. No membership subscriptions will be refunded.

3.4. Discipline

Any Club member whose conduct appears to the Committee to be contrary to the constitution or rules of the Club, or to be bringing the Club into disrepute, shall be notified in writing of the alleged conduct by the Secretary.  Within fourteen days of the date of notification the Club member shall submit a written reply to the Secretary.  After considering any reply, the Committee shall decide the course of action which may include expulsion from the Club. The decision will then be set out in writing to the individual. The individual has the Right of Appeal. This should be set out in writing stating the grounds for the Appeal. The Appeal should be sent to the Secretary within 14 days of the date of notification of the Committee decision. No full or partial refund of any fees will be made.

  1. Committee

The Officers of the Club shall be: Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

The business of the Club shall be managed by the Committee consisting of the Officers and two Elected Members. The Committee may co-opt additional members to the Committee as required. Co-opted members have full voting rights. The Committee members shall manage various aspects of the Club including membership, river management, finance, liaison and lease management with the Landowner of the water and all social activities. Specific responsibilities will be allocated to Committee members as agreed by the Committee.

Members and Honorary Members shall be eligible to hold Office, and to sit on the Committee.

The Committee shall meet as required and a summary of the actions agreed along with the person(s) responsible shall be recorded.

Committee meetings shall take place when there is a quorum of three members. Each member shall have one vote. The Chairman shall have the casting vote.

The Committee shall have the power to appoint a special Sub Committee to deal with or enquire into any activity of the Club which may be delegated. Any such Sub Committee shall be responsible to the Committee.

The Committee will not enter into contracts or pledge monies greater than the assets of the Club.

All Club members are equally responsible for any liabilities of the Club. 

  1. General Meetings

5.1 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The date for the AGM shall be determined by the Committee and held during November. Notice in writing to members shall be provided at least be twenty-one days prior to the AGM.

5.2 Agenda

Members wishing to raise any major item or topic should notify the Secretary in writing or email so that circulation may be made to members at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.

The business of the meeting is:

  • To receive the minutes of the previous AGM
  • To receive the report of the Chairman
  • To receive the report of the Treasurer
  • To receive reports from other elected Committee members
  • To receive an inventory of club property
  • To elect the Officers and Committee
  • To appoint the Accounts Auditor/Examiner
  • To consider subscription rates
  • To consider stocking policy
  • To consider and ratify new rules
  • To consider motions submitted by members
  • To consider any other business (AOB)

5.3 Elections

The Officers and Committee members of the Club shall be nominated and elected at the AGM and at the end of each year, will either stand down or offer themselves for re-election. 

The Offices of Secretary and Treasurer shall be by direct election from the members. The Office of Chairman shall be by a majority decision from within the ranks of the Committee from the three nominated committee members. The Officers and Committee members of the Club shall be nominated and elected at the AGM and at the end of each year, will either stand down or offer themselves for re-election.   Members of the Club are expected to play a full part in the running of the Club including serving as Officers or Committee members. All nominations should be presented to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the AGM in order that such nominations may be published to the membership.

5.4 Decisions

All members are eligible to vote at General Meetings. All decisions shall be by a simple majority vote of the members present. The Chairman shall have the casting vote.

5.5 Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

An EGM may be called by the Committee as required giving twenty-one days notice. An EGM may also be called within twenty-one days of a written request sent to the Secretary and signed by not less than 20% of voting members of the Club. The written request shall state the reason for calling the meeting. The EGM shall only discuss the particular business for which it has been called…

  1. Finance

The Treasurer shall be responsible to the Club for the good management of its finances and shall maintain such books and records as may be necessary for the proper discharge of his/her duties. The financial year for the Club shall commence on November 1st each year.

6.1. Auditing/Examination of Club Accounts

The Club’s accounts will be examined by a competent person who will be approved by the Committee. The competent person will not be a member of the committee.

6.2. Petty Cash and Banking

The Treasurer shall hold petty cash as required. All monies, received by him/her on behalf of the Club, shall be banked in the Club’s bank account. All payments other than petty cash payments shall be made by cheque or by internet banking.

6.3. Insurance

The Club will provide suitable insurance for Club activities. The Committee will review all necessary insurances annually and present the current position at the AGM for member comment and agreement.

  1. 7. Affiliation

The Club may be affiliated to such bodies as determined by the Committee.

  1. Guests. Members may take guests to Club waters in line with the policy set by the Committee. Members must accompany their guests at all times and be responsible for their conduct. The Committee may withdraw the right of a member to take guests where abuse of the procedure or misconduct occurs.
  2. Communication.

Email communication between the Club and members and vice-versa is the preferred method and members shall ensure the Secretary has an up-to-date email address.

  1. Dissolution of the Club

The Club may at any time be dissolved with the consent of two thirds of the members voting in a poll held for that purpose. In the event of the dissolution of the Club and after paying all liabilities, the surplus monies shall be donated to a recognised charity as agreed by the Committee…


  1. Amendment of the Constitution

Alterations or amendments to the constitution may only be made at a General Meeting and only when they are affirmed by no less than two-thirds of voting members present. The Committee shall not be entitled to waive any element of this constitution or introduce any rule which would have the effect of circumventing this constitution.

Rules of the Club
    1. The Club’s activities are Game Fly Fishing and Coarse Fishing. Members are encouraged to enjoy the full range of legal methods available for game and coarse fishing.  In addition, the Club exists to promote a positive social environment such that all members may enhance their enjoyment of these activities.
    2. The Trout season shall run from 18th March to 7th October each year.
    3. The Coarse season shall run from 8th October to 14 March the following year.
    4. Fly fishing by rod and line during the trout season is the only method allowed. Flies, nymphs and single hook lures up to size 8 are permitted.
    5. All methods of coarse fishing by rod and line are allowed during the trout close season. Only one rod to be used at a time. Ground baiting is prohibited, and all trout caught during the coarse season must be returned to the water.
    6. Barbless hooks are compulsory at all times for both trout and coarse fishing.
    7. Members and guests must hold a current valid Environment Agency rod licence and adhere to the rules set down by the Environment Agency.
    8. River Management – River management and improvement works are to be undertaken, with the Landowner’s agreement and consent, at regular intervals through the year and as notified by the Club. River management is a formal element of the lease therefore a condition of membership is that  members contribute their time and effort in this regard in whatever capacity they can.
    9. Fish Management. Trout will be stocked on a regular basis through the season with the annual quantity being discussed and agreed at the AGM. Wild brown trout are on a catch and release basis. Stocked brown and rainbow trout may be kept on the basis of a maximum of 2/visit and 4/week. Coarse fish are to be returned to the waters.
    10. A maximum of 4 guest visits are allowed per member during each year of membership, with a maximum of 1 guest at a time, against payment of the appropriate fee. Guest must be fully booked in (e.g. ‘plus guest’ it not acceptable – full details ensure compliance/cover by club insurance)
    11. Junior guest visits (under 18 years of age) are allowed under the direct supervision of a member. These are in addition to item 10 and likewise must be fully booked in.
    12. Members shall ensure that they complete the fishing log at the end of each angling session. Such a log can be found in a facility located in a convenient location
    13. Members are required to carry their membership card at all times and failure to produce it to another member or Estate staff on request may lead to an invitation to leave the river.
    14. Members are required to ensure that parking and access rules as set down by the landowner are strictly adhered to at all times. Members must ensure that the Club’s angling activities do not interfere with or disrupt any of the landowner’s other activities. Picnics or family outings are not permitted. All gates must be closed and no litter left behind. An advisory sheet on procedures in the Park and a car identification sticker will be given to all members. The latter must be displayed by any car parked at one of the designated car park areas.
    15. The Committee shall be responsible for creating a full and varied programme of events including social activities, outings to other fisheries and competitions.
    16. Visitors are actively encouraged to attend the activities of the Club.
    17. Guest Speakers and visitors may be entertained by the Club at the discretion of the Committee.
    18. There is an onus on all members to assist with the effective running of the Club in all aspects.
    19. The Officers and Committee cannot take any responsibility for conditions affecting the river or the fishing.